Welcome 2022!

Welcome 2022!

2022 - Happy New Year! 

Is it me, or does it feel like 2021 just seemed to fly by? When working in retail, you always have to plan ahead (a little secret, I was planning my Spring range before Christmas!). I won't start talking about everything turning green, easter bunnies, and all things pastel coloured... just yet! 

As I sit here thinking about what to include in what feels like should be a big, huge, New Year blog post, and what inspiring words to say, I am staring at my ‘Small Steps Everyday’ notecard. This little notecard partly inspired me to start Primrose Living,  so I feel like it’s the perfect thing to lead into, and pass on.

You’re likely to be flooded with emails from big companies about ‘New Year, New You!’ / ‘Start Now, don’t delay!’ and whilst for some people this may ring true for them (I'm happy it does!), it’s not always true for all of us.

Some days you’ll feel like you are conquering whatever your goal may be, and others, you may feel a bit set back. Both are OK! 

I’m going to leave things short, sweet and simple with this - no matter how small they are, small steps, everyday.

I’ve compiled below a few little self care and other ideas of things to help you along your journey for your goals. x 


Spacemasks - Perfect for helping you relax and unwind after a long day! 


Stationery - Stay organised and on top of things by planning out and crossing it off afterwards! 


Mind Cards - Daily, or as often as you like, use these cards to help inspire your day and have a more balanced and happy life. 

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