Trinket Dishes & Bowls

Trinket Dishes & Bowls

Let’s talk about trinket dishes and bowls! Something I think are quite underrated. Trinket dishes and bowls can be so versatile, and used for a number of things, and in a number of places around your home or work.

For my first Mother’s Day, our daughter Lucy bought me a little trinket dish that says ‘special mum’. Before bed, I pop my engagement and wedding rings into it.

Not that I’m slightly obsessed with these, but I have a different trinket dish downstairs in our entrance hall. This one contains my keys or any loose change from the day.


oblong trinket dish with lines


Last, but not least, my work trinket bowl. This is the fun one! This one contains little packet sweets for anyone that pops in, and needs a little pick me up or sugar boost. 

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