Mother's Day

Mother's Day

Mother's Day 2021 Gift Ideas 

What will be the best gift for my mum for Mother's Day? 

It seems like such a daunting question, finding the perfect gift for your mum. Where do you begin to look?
This Mother's Day, we have taken the worry and stress out of finding the perfect gift, with our handy Mother's Day gift guide. Whether your mum loves gardening, or is an avid stationary lover, we can help to inspire you with some great gift ideas. 

Mother's Day Cards

Let's start with one of the most important things - a card. When you write a Mother's Day card, just adding words from the heart can be one of the best gifts for mum.  

             Polka Dot Two Dogs Mothers Day Card

For the Ever Organised Mum 

She knows that ballet for Olivia starts at 4.30pm, and then the do list is almost checked off for the day. When your mum is organised and loves a simple floral print (as does mine), combine the two to give her a practical and thoughtful gift for Mother's Day. 


For the Garden Loving Mum

When weeding or planting new flowers is seen as a therapeutic task (I know it is for me!), your mum is a garden loving mum. Some ideas for the garden loving mum include unique and on trend planters. Add flowers or a plant before giving mum her gift, to make it complete. 

Grey Planter Pot on Books


For the Always on the Go Mum

You'll never see her without a coffee or water in her hand. Mum is balancing work, home, and life in general. Travel bamboo coffee cups and water bottles are a great mother's day gift idea to make sure mum stays hydrated and takes care of herself at the same time. 


For the Perfect Baker Mum

The smell of a freshly made victoria sponge when you go to see mum. You know it's going to be perfect, because for as long as you can remember, mum has been the best baker you know. The gift of pastel measuring jugs are perfect for Spring, and our Bamboo measuring spoons are eco friendly. 


For the Home loving mum 

Mum loves her home, and loves all of the joy and happiness it brings. Some unique and great gift ideas are things that will make it even more cosy and warm. You could choose a classic scented candle, or some fun button drinks coasters. 

For all of our mums 

If none of the above ideas ring true to your mum and who she is, then sometimes, simplicity is key. With a choice of East of India Porcelain Heart Coasters, or something a bit more different, a porcelain flower matchbox.  

              Porcelain Heart Coaster with Mum Saying        

Mama. Mum. Mom. Mother. However you say it, it means love. 


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