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Charcoal Salt Soap

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Charcoal has been used for over 30,000 years, something so sustainable must be good for us! 

Handmade by the lovely Alison of Bloom and Soap, this charcoal soap combines rosemary essential oils with activated charcoal, to create a well balanced and equally beautiful scented soap. It will help kickstart your detox from the outside! 

My (other) favourite part of this soap? You can use the label to grow wildflowers! That's right, the label is plantable, which means you can give back to the planet, and there is no wastage. 

  • Soap weight (varies) a minimum of 115g 

What are some benefits of a salt soap?

  • Sea salt doesn't dry out skin 
  • A natural exfoliant (no nasty stuff!) 

Photo Credit: Bloom and Soap