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Father's Day 2021 Gift Ideas

Father's Day Gift Guide 2021 

This Father’s Day is going to be the most special and memorable for our family. Not only for Tim, but also for my dad, who is spending his Father’s Day, as a grandad for the first time.

I feel like I’ve always struggled as to what to get my dad for Father's Day. There are only so many times you can get ties, socks, and chocolate!

When curating our Father’s Day gift guide, I wanted to ensure to have a range of gifts for all ages, and all types of dads. 

  • My personal favourite gift has to be the ‘Dads genius ideas’ notebook. My dad (and funnily enough, my husband Tim does this!) is forever writing things down on random pieces of paper that end up lost. This notebook is perfect for ensuring all of their thoughts and ideas stay in one place.


  • If your dad isn’t the note taking type, and more of a sentimental dad, we have some beautiful East of India Dad themed gifts. Heart Coasters, Porcelain Dad Mugs, and wooden themed dad blocks, just to name a few.




  • One of our most unique gifts for dad this year, are our drink glassware range. With everything from a large glass Wellington boot, to a more traditional beer glass, or whisky tumbler; there is something that will be perfect for all of dad's drinks! 

 Glass Wellington Boot

You can shop all of the above items on our website, under the Father’s Day collections!

We hope you and your dad / daddy / papa / father have an extra special Father’s Day this year. :)

Charlotte x

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